CIS Problem?

L DC ldc007usa at
Mon May 1 12:19:12 EDT 2006

Hi All!!

I replaced the fuel pump on my '86 5KTQ with a brand
new one, Peirburg, this weekend. R&R was failry easy,
except for the gas odor.

Anyway, the car did not start.

CIS/fuel distributor problem?

I disconnected the #1 and #2 fuel lines at the
distributor and there was evidence of gas, but when my
friend turned the ignition key to the on position or
while cranking nothing happend---gas was not spray as
I thought it would.

I then disconnected what I thought was the main fuel
line to the distributor but later found out to be the
return line instead. While cranking, this return line
gushed quite a bit of fuel.

As for the two injector lines, nothing, except when
key was off, after each try, fuel would spew out
slowly but steady with very, very tiny bubbles.

Is the fuel distributor and or fuel lines clogged?

Sensor plate stuck?

Bad fuel accumulator?

Bad warm-up regulator/ cold start valve?

I put some 4 gallons of new premium fuel, which mixed
with some fuel I had placed in about 2 months ago. I
took as much as I could out of that 2 month-old fuel
since it smelled like varnish.

I'm able to start the car with starting fluid and then
dies as soon as it runs out of it. Therefore, I got
spark and timing is also right on.

Again, fuel pump is brand new and I'm getting power to
the fuel pump, although, I did not check for how much
voltage is getting (fuel pump). Therefore, fuel relay
can be ruled out, I guess.

The previous pump it had was working fine before it
sat for about 8 months, but for sure was dead when I
checked it after removing it this weekend. Covered by
a film of stick crude.

Thanks for your help in advance.


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