5KTQ fuel pump?--R&R

L DC ldc007usa at yahoo.com
Mon May 1 13:44:50 EDT 2006

Roy, you are right above your observations between the
5KTQ fuel pump/sending unit versus that of say, 100
and 200 models, non Q.

I got my hands on the whole system from a 100 model.

Roy Wrote:
> There are apparently some differences between the
> 200 and 5k cars  with respect to how the hoses
> connect to the plastic bottom side of  the plastic
> tank header. The high pressure supply line from pump
> to header on the 200 is nylon plastic and attaches
> to the header fitting via a steel flared fitting and

> nut.

Correct. And the plastic portion looks interchangeable
with that of the 5KTQ. The sending unit, however, is
different but this can be detached and replace with
that of a 5KTQ. 

Now I need help with the CIS, I think. Please see my
other post.

Thanks again.


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