Wobbly 4kq new front strut mounts

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue May 2 16:42:26 EDT 2006

> I reassembled my front struts on my 4ksq with new strut
> mount/bearings and new slotted bushings.  The bearings were snapped
> into the mounts at the factory.
> Even when the slotted bushings are fully tightened, the strut mounts
> wobble.  I did fully compress the spring before installing the
> washer, then the spring retainer, then the strunt mount, and then the
> slotted bushing.
> Is this normal play in the bearing? 

Which axis is the play in?  There should be radial play, and I think 
there really should be any axial play, but the bearing/mount should be 
able to "wobble" in the third "axis," which corresponds to hard to 
describe set of planes - it is the set of all of the planes 
perpendicular to the axis and any radius.  This allows the strut to 
change angle relative to the strut tower/ground, etc., as you brake, 
steer, go over bumps, etc.

This is also why the funky washer-type thing on the top does not touch 
the strut tower - its angle must be allowed to change.  It's there to 
stop the strut from falling out if you get "air".  Or jack up the car.

Huw Powell



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