RS4 promotional video from Audi France

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Sat May 6 22:57:36 EDT 2006

The drivers are Jackie and Vanina Ickx, father and daughter, both
professional drivers. Jackie is nicknamed Mr. Lemans (6 wins I think).
The dialogue between the two is humorous, in the vein of "you were
really flying when I passed you..."

The track is the "High Tech Test Track" at Le Castellet, an ancient F1
track in southern France. Now it is a private and very safe track for
private testing. The blue and white zones are rubberized concrete
designed to stop a car in a spin without actually damaging it. No more
sand traps.

Those with Google Earth can see the track from above at latitude
43,247269° and longitude 5,791560°. Very nice venue, and the road that
leads to it is also a spectacular serpentine. Ask Frank Williams, as
it's there he got his accident that left him paralyzed... I did it a
couple times at night in a Renault Clio 100 CV... and it was a blast
that I'll remember forever.

And the sound of the engine is just wonderful, albeit not a 5 cylinder


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