Pierburg Pump, Brakes, etc., etc.

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at gmail.com
Sat May 6 23:13:09 EDT 2006

On my car, it's the full-court, four-wheel press.  I've changed the rear
rotors, calipers, pads, lines, fluid, etc., and the fronts are still in very
good shape, so I'm left fishing at this point, and my first suspect is the
M/C.  Nothing's getting cheaper -- try finding a rebuilt for $40 anymore,
but if replacing it solves the problem I'll be happy.

What I'd *really* like to do once I put the new one in is cut the old one
open and have a look inside.


On 5/6/06, John Lagnese <jlagnese at massed.net> wrote:
>  I've only had one stick at a time. The brake pedal gets hard and a bit
> higher. One lister suggested it was the brake hose. I got one and
> will change it tomorrow.
>  John

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