Towing quattro without driveshaft?

cobram at cobram at
Sun May 7 18:42:13 EDT 2006

"Mark R" <speedracer.mark at> writes:
Removing the center driveshaft will work, but for a small extra amount of
money, rent the entire flatbed.  Easier, safer, less wear and tear. 
Also, the flatbed has brakes... the dollys don't.

Always the better option, but at peak rental periods (students)
availability is a problem.  U-Haul especially, when they get saturation
levels of equipment in certain markets and won't rent for certain drop
off sites.  Good to keep in mind that sometimes they'll show a rental as
unavailable, but if you're willing to drop the equipment off in another
town or city, it magically becomes available. BTDT

There are two types of tragedies in life. One is not getting what you
want, the other is getting it.

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