Pierburg Pump, Brakes, etc., etc.

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at gmail.com
Mon May 8 13:38:03 EDT 2006

ERWIV wrote:

>In any case, I found a post from a fellow lister saying
>that the sticky brakes problem is due to a failure in the check
>valves built into the master cylinder pistons. While he recommended
>just replacing the master cylinder, economics and sheer reluctance to
>throw away anything that might be fixed motivated me to disassemble
>the master cylinder. When I did so I found the check valves in
>question. Unlike the master cylinder body and pistons they are steel
>and had a little rust spot on them where they met the port on the

I don't know precisely what it is about this problem that rang my "this can
be fixed" bell, but you just described it succinctly.

I'm picking up a rebuilt master cylinder tomorrow and installing it on the
'87 (because I have to get this car back on the road immediately) but I'm
not going to return the core -- the charge is only $15 dollars and instead
I'll dismantle it as you've describe.  If I find what you found you'll see
some very interesting and close-up pictures on Flickr.   I have the feeling
I'll see something similar.

There's something in my bones, too, that makes me a little nauseous when I
have to throw away a piece of otherwise functional equipment, especially
when I don't understand why it failed.  If I can salvage this MC and the
problem is something like what you describe, I owe you one of your favorite
beverages.  I was hoping for exactly this kind of response to my question.

Many thanks,

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