Towing quattro without driveshaft?

Mark R speedracer.mark at
Mon May 8 13:57:07 EDT 2006

U-Haul used to be FAMOUS for making you buy their stuff to RENT a trailer.
Like the non-standard wires only trailer hookups (makes you buy an
adapter).  And company policy is that it doesn't come with the trailer- you
had to buy the adapter which only works with U-Haul trailers.  Stupid.  It
seems they finally got with the program and made everything industry
standard.  In other words, surge brake trailers with standard 4-pin
connectors.  They also use screw down (not lever-lock) sockets, which
usually allow for more than one ball size.  Not personally recommended, but
it "allows" for it.
Last time I was in my local U-Haul (rented the biggest cargo trailer and
pads to move furniture), I made a mental note how every towing accessory
they seem to sell is totally industry standard.

Mark Rosenkrantz

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