autocheck coolant warning

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at
Mon May 8 18:39:12 EDT 2006

George Selby wrote:

>So it must be a bad multi temp switch, as I left the low coolant temp
sensor plugged in.  Sadly, I blew a tire today while driving around, and
didn't have the lug >wrench.  Had to use a 3/8" socket with a 17mm deep well
- had to use the deep well to get the racket far enough away from the car to
stand on it to unloosen the >lug bolts.  All of this in the pouring rain, I
might add.

See, this is the stuff that builds real character and loyalty among the
true aficionados of the marque.  No automaker on this planet can earn that
kind of devotion through things like good, reasonably priced dealer service
alone.  ;)

Sometimes, I think Audi should just GIVE the parts to everyone who's been a
long-term member of the list.  Ah, but then, we'd all get complacent and the
shared suffering aspect that makes this so enjoyable would disintegrate...

Boy, those guys are frightfully clever.  ;)

Cheers...and I hope you're dry.


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