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bob terwilliger jitsu303 at
Thu May 11 14:06:42 EDT 2006

I don't know the fuel system on the 5k but a couple of
years ago I had a similar situation on my 90 20v.  No
visible leaks but a strong smell.  Turned out to be a
pinhole leak in the steel feed line from the tank,
where it joined the rubber line.  The fuel was ponding
in the rubber grommet that sealed the fuel lines where
they passed through the floor.


--- "Michael, Dave" <Dave_Michael at> wrote:

> We had a very similar problem on our 90 200 qa. The
> smell would occur
> only after the car sat for ~5 minutes after driving 
> till it was warm.
> With the  help of folks in this group, I determined
> that it was leaky
> injectors. 5 new injectors later, problem totally
> fixed (only problem is
> that injectors have gone from $10.00 each to $50.00
> each in the last 8
> years).
> Hope that helps
> Dave
> Max Hoepli <mhoepli at> wrote:
>     Hello all
>     1986 Audi 5000 Turbo Quattro. there is a gas
> smell I detect when
> coming out of the car, strong on the left side of
> car. There is no
> gasoline dripping from car. Fuel consumption seems
> to be as usual. When
> car is hot engine needs to be cranked over 10-15
> secs. Cranks over
> strongly. Then huffs and puffs and engine gains
> speed slowly while I
> hold gas pedal down. What could the problems be? Gas
> smell and hard
> starting when engine is hot may be unrelated.
>     Max
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