Talking to an Audi rep, and Diesels in the US

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Sat May 13 10:06:15 EDT 2006

Alex Kowalski wrote:
> So we really need to have a thorough cost-accounting of this.

Naw, we just need to have a few more torque-filled, fast,
and quiet diesels on the road with the owners saying, "I 
got 55mpg on my last tank," to win over the general public,
who has a long memory of smokey, noisy diesel buses and
trucks, and the abomination that GM tried to force on them.

The "real" diesel cars we had at the time (MB and VW) were 
driven by quirky people. :)  Once clean, fast, and efficient 
diesels start appearing (next year?), the floodgate will open.
And Detroit will once again be scrambling to put together a 
non-competitive diesel.

Kent McLean
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