Talking to an Audi rep, and Diesels in the US

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About 20 years ago I saw an old Chevy pickup in a local parking lot with a
strange contraption in the box. I wandered over to have a look and had just
figured out it was a wood fuelled reactor of some type when an old German
guy came over with his bags of groceries. He was the owner and had built the
rig based on a design they used in Germany when fuel was running out towards
the end of the war. It burned wood under low oxygen conditions and generated
a hydrocarbon-rich gas which he piped into the truck engine. He said the
truck would do about 80 km/hr when fuelled with dry hardwood cubes. He threw
a couple handfuls of wood cubes in the reactor, hopped in his truck, and
putted off. Oil company independence, although I guess he still needs engine

Fred Munro

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You are absolutely right Dennis!!!

No matter what you drive, is all about economics where
the oil companies will still screw the consumer one
way or the other.

Dennis wrote:

> You double your fuel economy- they double the price.
> You find a low cost fuel (bio-diesel)- someone will
> find a way to make a  lot of money selling it.
> Free enterprise. Price follows demand!

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