low sulfur diesel

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Sun May 14 12:54:34 EDT 2006

Ingo et al:

I think I saw the same program on the Sat edition of the ABC evening news.
Sure you could mandate dealers sell the E85, but what about a true 
competition and just open new competing dealers?  That would get us the lowest prices 
if you dion't believe me research the Hawaii fixed fuel pricing they just 

BTW, Ford sold the vehicles which E85 worked on (not exclusively mind you) so 
the carry over to the states should be "Easy"..........

Remember when gas from corn was too expensive at $2.00 a gallon?

Times Do change..........
-Scott by BOSTON

> From: Ingo Rautenberg <>
> Saw a story about how Brazil is running a lot of cars that can run  
> either ethanol (made from home-grown sugar cane) or gasoline and that  
> any time the cost of crude is above $32 / barrel the ethanol is  
> cheaper to run.  So guess what the fuel of choice is?   Biggest thing  
> was they had to mandate that service stations sell the ethanol.  That  
> would be a big problem here.  I think we only have one station in all  
> of Michigan that carries E85, for instance.  If you think about it,  
> why would a station that sells oil want to sell something that  

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