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Charlie Smith charlie at
Tue May 16 11:33:32 EDT 2006

Earlier, David Ullrich wrote:
> Anyone with The Family Album willing to check on somehting for me? I need
> both the left and right CV shafts (not just the cv-joint) for my 1987 Coupe
> GT 2.3 (late build, NG code engine, VIN WAUBE0857HA033722). 

For the '87 Coupe, the NG model code driveshafts are noted "108mm".
I'd assume that is the CV joint diameter.

These complete driveshaft part #s are:

Left:	  b#855 407 271 X
Right:	  b#855 407 272 X

I don't know what the b# means before the part #, but that's what it says.
You will have to check with a dealer to see if that part is still

    - Charlie

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