Parts availability?

Cody Forbes cody at
Wed May 17 16:38:26 EDT 2006

David Ullrich wrote:
> Just so others know, the cv driveshafts for the Coupe GT 2.3 are now
> NLA from Audi, even as remans. The correct part numbers are:
> Left: 855 407 271
> Right: 855 407 272
> If you see the part numbres followed by a -x that indicates a
> remanufactured part. Not exactly sure what I'm going to do at this
> point...
> Dave
> 1987 CGT 2.3

WorldPac lists them. I'm assuming manual tranny.

 EMPI brand (not sahown if Reman or not) list for $562.01, vendor cost 
$73.15 with no core charge
 ARI brand Reman list for 562.01, vendor cost $64.97 also with no core 
 EMPI list for $976.60, vendor cost $73.15
 ARI Reman list for $976.60, vendor cost $62.21

Just to make sire we are talking about the right stuff WorldPac says they 
are the same for Audi Coupe cars 81-87, 4000 Quattro 84-87, and VW Quantum 
5cyl 83-88.

I see you are in south-east VA. I'm near Greensboro, NC which is an hour 
from Danville (VIR to be exact). Depending on where exactly you are I could 
sell you the axles for say $100-$125 each (gotta make some money or the boss 
will get angry ;-)) and I have every tool you need to install them here at 
my house. You could drop by on a weekend and install the new axles (or just 
pick em up if ya want), talk Audi a bit, see my fast car and go for a ride, 
then head home with the new axles for a decently good deal.

-Cody Forbes
'86 5ktq
'86 5k-t-q -Parts
'86 5k-t-q
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