best place to buy special tools?

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>I would imagine it washes the grease out them, ok to do if you aren't 
>re-using them, a decnt ball joint splitter is esential for undoing these.
> Iain
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>> Subject: Re: best place to buy special tools?
>> Kurt wrote:  "For the ball joints, I spray them with penetrating oil,
>> then wedge a screwdriver in the slot to spread it slightly."
>> Audi (and Porsche, MB, and BMW) specifically warns AGAINST doing this.
>> Therefore, I don't do it here at the shop.  John

I'm sorry, it appears I wasn't clear.  The penetrant is OK, the wedging 
apart of the female part of the ball joint/suspension connections is 
forbidden in the manuals.  WRT most Audis, as they are not "taper" or 
"wedge" fit, there's NO NEED for bending the receptacle open.  Unlike the 
fit of the tierods, the ball joint pins are straight, having parallel sides, 
and are a slip fit in the hole.  Many are quite tight, but they're NOT a 
wedge fit.  They DO NOT require a ball joint separator as such.  Most such 
connections preclude the use of one anyway, due to the size and shape of the 
material surrounding the connection.  Of the separators out there, the 
"pickle fork" would be the last resort, one to be used when you don't care 
about the damage you invariably cause by its use.  Hope this clarifies my 
position, and is helpful.  John 

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