*Revised* Dates for June Audi get together...

Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sun May 21 11:56:45 EDT 2006

Well the date for the get together has changed, but for the better. Instead of Wednesday the 28th it is now going to be a 3 day event starting Thursday June 29th through Saturday July 1st. That should help participation alot, especially Saturday.

Come one, come all to Flow Audi in Winston-Salem, NC on those dates! Champion Racing is bringing a Speed Challenge RS6 and thier R8 for display, and I will be there with the 500hp 5ktq. I'm pretty sure there will be food and drinks also, but not positive.

-Cody Forbes
'86 5ktq
'86 5k-t-q -Parts
'86 5k-t-q
'87 5ktq - Fast. 

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