Adding CD changer to stock stereo in 96 A6?

Ti Kan ti at
Wed May 24 04:30:22 EDT 2006

Jim Dupree writes:
> What CD changers are compatible with the stock Delta stereo in a 1996 A6? It
> is wired with a round multi pin connector in the trunk where the changer
> should mount.

If your radio is the "Delta CC" then it will only control and interface
with the specific factory 6-disc CD changer designed to work with that radio.
See my Audi radios page:

This CD changer is menufactured by Alpine for Audi, but the aftermarket
Alpine changers won't work.  They sometimes come up for auction on
ebay so search "audi cd changer" and look carefully.  The one you need
has a round 8-pin connector pigtail (rather than a 13-pin), and is
distinguished by a white Audi 4-rings logo printed on the front
CD changer door, like this one:

I won't link to any specific auction but you can search for yourself.

Any Audi changer quoted as "for '98 _and later_" Audi and VW models
are the later style (with Panasonic interface) that won't work, although
some early '98 A4s did come with the Delta CC radio with the Alpine-based

> Will the changer from my Bose equipped 93 S4 work in the
> non-Bose 96 A6?

I doubt it.


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