Air Filter - '87 5KCSTQ

Alex Kowalski hypereutectic1 at
Wed May 24 17:00:10 EDT 2006

Yes, I started off thinking of just using the plastic epoxy on the rain
tray, but then discovered once I had it off that the spring between the
fresh air/recirc doors had come loose, because the plastic bridge where it
connects had snapped in half.  I thought for a few minutes about doing what
Kneale said and putting a metal bridge in there, but since I had the epoxy
in my hand, basically, I tried that first, and it seems to have worked, at
least for now.  As of today the spring is still in place and the AC is
working fine.

It's just that that cross-piece is in such a godawful place to work on that
I thought to try the epoxy first, because it was a little easier to apply.
Thanks for the suggestion about the rain tray, normally here I would insert
some snappy comment about how I *just can't believe* some of the plastic
materials on the car were so shoddy, but it's a joke that almost everyone
who owns one groans at by this point.  ;)

Alex Kowalski
'87 5KCSTQ
'86 5KCSTQ

On 5/24/06, L DC <ldc007usa at> wrote:
> Hi Alex!!
> Alex wrote:
> > I was thinking of that but had the epoxy handy.  It
> > seems sturdy at this point, but if it fails again
> > that's going to be the next step.
> You're referring to that plastic rain-tray, correct?
> My car also has a few, but not so bad or many, little
> cracks on the rain ass flaky material.
> Anyway, on one of my trips to the junky awhile back, I
> came across an Audi 100 model, '89 or higher year, and
> noticed it had a much, much beefier plastic rain tray,
> so I bought it for some $15-$20.
> I think is AUDI OEM, but would have to check.
> I have yet to fit it in the car too.
> Alex wrote:
> > Thanks for the suggestion about the airbox.  That
> > clip at the back is almost impossible to see, much
> > less open and close, unless you are PlasticMan.
> Hmmm..... I think I have become PlasticMan from
> working on all my 3 classics in my spare time over the
> past 2 years.
> This includes a top end engine rebuilt and engine
> painting ('87 VW QSW), fuel pump R&R and engine
> detaling/painting, clutch R&R ('86 5KTQ) and currently
> another clutch job ('85 VW QSW).
> I just R&R the air filter on my '86 5KTQ. I'm able to
> stick my left skinny arm around and under the rubber
> boot to get to the bottom left clip.
> You could also use a long, preferably beefy, screw
> driver to get to it also.
> -Regards,
> -Louis
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