Unfortunate incident in 02 S6 - need advice

Grant Lenahan glenahan at fastmail.fm
Sat May 27 08:08:51 EDT 2006


Yesterday, I bottomed my 2002 S6 avant so severely that the belly pan 
was ripped off and the oil pan dented.

The cause is long, so I'll spare you all.

I have an appointment for it to get looked over, go on alignment jig, 
etc Tuesday and be inspected by the insurance company.  trivia - did 
you know that this is in fact a "collision with the road" by insurance 

Besides the visible stuff, do any of you know enough about C5s and 
especially C5 "s" cars to tell me where to look most carefully?  
Bushings, over-stressed struts (dampers), susceptible suspension 
components, etc?



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