rednecks in Audis

Evan Parker Evan at
Sun May 28 09:47:05 EDT 2006

The think about Audi's is that they are most definitely a step up in the
automotive world from most cars.  Even these old ones are incredibly
complicated.  When I got my 90Q I didn't understand it, I still don't
understand it now that it's gone.  I wish I still had it, but I know
that I was still missing a lot of things about the car.  I feel like the
Audi is the car you end up with after you've tinkered with all of the
other types of cars and decide you actually want something inspired,
despite the fact that it needs constant maintenance on every little

I don't however feel an Audi is a good "first car" or a "first project
car", I in fact feel that it is the worst "first project car" ever.
It's too complicated, hard to work on, needs special tools, factory shop
manual, and gosh, the parts are real expensive.

A good first project car would be something like a carbureted, simple to
work on, RWD, American car, or some cruddy Honda motorcyclefrom the 70s,
or something like that.  Alas, teh audi is none of these things.

Way I figure it, it's kind of a ladder up to the Audi (as mechanical
difficulty goes...), I figure it best to graduate up the ladder as you
move through your automotive journey.

Japanese motorcycles
80's/90's American cars
80's 90s Japanese cars
Older VW's (80's or so)
5 cyl audi's.

Right now, I'm back on rung 3, having just taken delivery of a nice 86
Cressida.  I think I will be back to the Audi's soon, but only after I
completely understand all of its intricacies.  I figure once I get
through everything I will be ready to deal with the Audi.

>If we can turn these kids around before they start putting coffee cans
Japanese imports, there's hope for the future of our older European 

>Now some of the thinking kids are even thinking beyond this. The son of

one of my friends snagged a 90Q 20V and he wants to unload it for a 
biodiesel Golf. 

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