rednecks in Audis

Jason Kohls jasonkohls at
Sun May 28 12:13:07 EDT 2006

...I guess I'm a glutton for punishment, then. :)

I know jack about cars (search on my 20v/q-list posts; you'll see :D )
and my CQ adventures have been very expensive: besides minor
body/electrical/maintenance stuff, I've had to take mine into the shop
for every bit of work done on it.  I'm in about 11 grand now, and a
fair chunk of that is labour, but I absolutely love this car.  For 11
grand, I could probably have a decent used A4 but it wouldn't be the

People marvel at the engineering (I showed a buddy the rear wiper
fluid reservoir and he freaked out -- he's fairly easy to please mind
you but it is pretty slick) and the unique looks.

We had the 3-on-3 street basketball tourney up here and all the pimped
out rides from Detroit were rolling all weekend. But me and CQ, not
even *trying* to garner attention, were getting all the looks and
comments (the new RS4 wheels don't hurt either).

On 5/28/06, Evan Parker <Evan at> wrote:
> The think about Audi's is that they are most definitely a step up in the
> automotive world from most cars.  Even these old ones are incredibly
> complicated.  When I got my 90Q I didn't understand it, I still don't
> understand it now that it's gone.  I wish I still had it, but I know
> that I was still missing a lot of things about the car.  I feel like the
> Audi is the car you end up with after you've tinkered with all of the
> other types of cars and decide you actually want something inspired,
> despite the fact that it needs constant maintenance on every little
> thing.
> I don't however feel an Audi is a good "first car" or a "first project
> car", I in fact feel that it is the worst "first project car" ever.
> It's too complicated, hard to work on, needs special tools, factory shop
> manual, and gosh, the parts are real expensive.
> A good first project car would be something like a carbureted, simple to
> work on, RWD, American car, or some cruddy Honda motorcyclefrom the 70s,
> or something like that.  Alas, teh audi is none of these things.
> Way I figure it, it's kind of a ladder up to the Audi (as mechanical
> difficulty goes...), I figure it best to graduate up the ladder as you
> move through your automotive journey.
> Japanese motorcycles
> 80's/90's American cars
> 80's 90s Japanese cars
> Older VW's (80's or so)
> 5 cyl audi's.
> Right now, I'm back on rung 3, having just taken delivery of a nice 86
> Cressida.  I think I will be back to the Audi's soon, but only after I
> completely understand all of its intricacies.  I figure once I get
> through everything I will be ready to deal with the Audi.
> >If we can turn these kids around before they start putting coffee cans
> on
> Japanese imports, there's hope for the future of our older European
> cars.
> >Now some of the thinking kids are even thinking beyond this. The son of
> one of my friends snagged a 90Q 20V and he wants to unload it for a
> biodiesel Golf.
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