re. Tips on replacing the rear knock sensor?

Peter Schulz pcschulz at
Wed May 31 13:59:34 EDT 2006

Thanks Ben...

BTW, as bad as the access to the distributor is 
on a 3b, its even WORSE on a 7a...
As to the sensor, I'm going to replace it with a 
known good one to rule it out as a potential issue...
If that has no effect, then I will perform the reconstructive surgery ;-)


At 01:15 PM 5/31/2006, Ben Swann wrote:
>A crows foot wrench and extension will likely be 
>the trick – they sur don’t give much room to 
>work in this area and even R&R cap and rotor is a PITA.
>If the sensor is not obviously damaged and the 
>braided sheild is not cut, I’d just tape it – 
>maybe use some silicone or liquid electrical 
>tape with the tape wrap.  There are some good 
>rubber stretch tapes too.   Unless the sheild or 
>wiresare damaged, you’ll gain nothing by 
>replacing an old working sensor with a new 
>one.  Just keep the old one going.  BTDT on the 10V KS, but same as on the 20V.
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>Subject: Tips on replacing the rear knock sensor?
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>Any BTDTs?
>The access is rather poor, and I would like to 
>avoid removing the intake manifold if possible ;-)..
>And to answer the why question, trying to 
>resolve intermittent power loss on the indigo wagon
>- no knock sensor code, but the sensor 
>insulation is crumbling off at the sensor end of the cable.
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