Snow tire fitment, quick question

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Wed Nov 1 08:12:09 EST 2006

How does load rating relate to bent rims?

If you are worried about bent rims, run higher tire pressure, get stronger
wheels and run a higher profile tire.

Especially with snow tires, they need a soft sidewall to work properly, so
running a really stiff sidewall is counterproductive.

If you're worried with an A4, get stronger wheels- I ran 205/55R16 snows for
five years w/o any bent wheels. The '91 200q/V8q forged BBS 15" wheels would
be nice snow wheels, even if they are a bit too wide.


On 11/1/06, Grant Lenahan <glenahan at> wrote:
> You are right, however I'll vouch that in large parts of the northeast
> the stock 205/55-16 load rating (generally 91) is too low and results
> in bent rims.  5 over 3 years in my case.

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