Smelly CQ

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at
Thu Nov 2 15:54:16 EST 2006

Engine compartment are always smelly, that's why there is an (expensive)
gasket that runs along the firewall to seal the engine bay from the
ventilation intake. You should see marks where it seals under the hood.
It must be in good shape to do its job.


> Has anyone ever had suspicious smells in a Coupe Quattro?  Patient is
> late build with 140 kmi.  We've been trying to locate the cause for
> months.  Smells like smoke, but not really like oil, not anitfreeze,
> not even exhaust smoke, to my old car nose anyway.  It's at its worst
> idle with the climate control on heat, A/C or defrost.  I cannot find
> any noticable fluid leaks, and the exhaust appears tight.
> My mechanic (really good guy) found an oil leak at the back of the
> cover, so he steam cleaned it and repace the VC gasket, but to no
> It's going to the muffler shop tomorrow for an inspection.  In the
> time, if anyone has a BTDT, I'm all ears!
> Thanks in advance!
> John Cassidy

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