Again, when it rains it pours!! bad throttle switch?

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Sat Nov 4 12:43:38 EST 2006

One thing about that, I have always used the "if it clicks,  it's ok" method 
for fast diagnosis as well.   Last weekend,  however, when I was doing some 
work on my 90Q I happened to check  continuity on my switches and found that 
both switches clicked as normal but the  full throttle switch was dead as a 
doornail.  So the "click" method isn't  infallible.
Bill J
'88 90Q
'85 4KSQ
'67 International Beast

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As I said, disconnecting both of them  makes more sense - and so does 
testing (and cleaning) the idle switch.   Just take a meter to the 
connector, you don't have to reach or see the idle  switch to "work it", 
just use the TB pivot where the gas cable pulls on  it.  In a quiet 
environment, you should even be able to hear it  clicking as you move the 
TB slightly off idle and release it.

Huw Powell

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