A6 2.8 no heat or radio

Chris Thorp thorp at spacia.org
Sun Nov 5 15:33:50 EST 2006

Ben wrote:

You didn't mention which year your car was.  Assuming it is a C4 
platform car (through '97, I believe), there should be a heater core 
bleed screw under the rain tray, under the hood.  It is in the highest 
heater hose.  Crack that bleed screw open while the engine is off and 
with the radiator cap off.  Coolant should flow out that screw.  If not, 
leave it open until it does.  (Keeping an eye on the fluid level)  Do 
you have a diag scan tool?  You can use it to read the positions of the 
A/C flap motors and check for other electronic issues.

Just to double check, you checked both radio fuses?  (The one in the 
fuse panel and the one on the back of the head unit)

I'll bet you have burned out bulbs in your meters.  They're tricky but 
not impossible to replace.  You'll have to check a local electronics 
shop for a comparable bulb and solder it in.

Is there a possibility that you've got a bad key switch and/or load 
reduction relay?  I don't remember off hand what all goes out, but it is 
a possibility.


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