the grill

cobram at cobram at
Tue Nov 7 15:18:57 EST 2006

"Dave Eaton" <Dave.Eaton at> writes:

> i like the new corporate audi face, the more i see it, the better it 
> looks,

There's no discussing taste, but I personally think the horse collar
grill is the fugliest thing to come out of Inglostadt, ever.  I know of 4
or 5 people who went to Acura's, BMW's and a Mercedes after years of Audi
loyalty, they just couldn't stomach the looks of the new models.  
I don't think Audi's too worried though, for every one they lose they
probably get a convert or 2, since their sales seem to be up.

As for this being the reason for low resale, Audi's have always had
abysmal resale value, that's why most of us on this list own them in the
first place.   
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