4000 quattro tail lights

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Tue Nov 7 17:29:49 EST 2006

> Does any body knows which one is the relay for the tail lights.

There isn't one.

> I can not 
> get them to work, neither signal lights and flasher  dash board lights.
> The only thing that works in the car are the head lights.
> All fuses for the items do not have any power.
> All help will be great.

Battery power goes to the headlight switch, to a small terminal.  When 
"on" it comes out three separate terminals, one for interior, one for 
left and one for right.

When using "flash to pass" the extra headlight circuits are powered 
through that same small terminal (check it out - works with key "off")

Your headlight switch and/or socket is probably melted from its long, 
hard life.  Check there first.

Huw Powell



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