4000 quattro tail lights

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Wed Nov 8 16:13:07 EST 2006

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>> Thanks Huw
>> i checked it today, you were rigth on the problem the plug  for the
>> swith is complete burned.

> Also, it is a very good idea to install relays for your headlights to
> take the load off the switch.  And perhaps the parking circuits as well
> - trigger the relay with one of the three outputs, and hook up all 3
> circuits to the relay output.
> -- 
> Huw Powell

I have found from experience that most often the switch is fried from the 
small red power source for the parking / rear lights unless high power 
headlights (ecode H4 or H1/H4) have been added to the poor little thing 
(switch). The power source coming into the switch for the headlights is much 
greater in size than the power source for the combination switching for the 
tail lights, parking lights and instrument lighting. To relay the stock 
headlights is a good idea and a absolute must if they are upgraded to higher 
wattage bulbs. If you are replacing a burned switch it is a very wise idea 
to relay the parking light circuit as Huw suggested. I have attached a link 
to a diagram of what can be done for brighter lights and total (well near) 
relief to the switch. Direct connection to the battery really is not a must 
but makes things a bit brighter for safety.



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