RS6 pricing

Taka Mizutani t44tqtro at
Thu Nov 9 07:46:15 EST 2006

I do consider it inflated, because there are plenty of brokers that can buy
the car
for you wholesale and you're not paying them a $15k profit.

The dealers are not going to disclose what they actually sell the car for- I
know my local
dealer got in a trade RS6 w/ under 30k miles, paid the owner something like
$45k, then
retailed the car for $70k.

The car sat on the lot forever, went to auction, sold for around $45k, IIRC,
maybe less.

If you paid $45k for a car of known provenance (sold to the original owner
at the same dealership and maintained there), selling as CPO would only cost
them about $47k total, then retailing for about $55k allows for markdown
room and a healthy profit. $70k is just plain greedy. Even with a $55k
asking, realistically it would probably sell for $50-51k. At that price, no
issues selling, esp. as a CPO car in a desirable color (Daytona Grey with
charcoal interior).


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