4kq breather hoses

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Ya - I have some!





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Anybody got a source for   034 103 247B   the hose that incorporates the

rubber fixture for holding the ISV in place, as well as connecting the top

of the valve cover to the ISV?   My favorite dealer parts source says it's

NLA.  I have one on order from Impex, but I've experienced several times Impex
saying they'll ship something but ending up not having it.]


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I have 2 VW QSWs, which are essentially a 4KQ in a VW wagon chassis, and one
of them also needs said hose.


I thinking of fabricating a replacement by using little pieces of rubber
attached to a T coupling. As for the part that holds the ISV, well, I would
have to come up with something to hold it in place.


Let me know how you make out.





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