200tq steering column mount broken

Scott Phillips Scottp at ippe.com
Tue Nov 14 13:54:10 EST 2006


Okay, my mistake. I assumed that the aluminum bracket that holds the
column was symmetrical. And that the one "half" was missing. I re-read
your message and although the picts are down, recall the wedge key,
fitting into the wedge part of the bracket. If you're saying that part
had injection molded plastic around it (to secure it), so that in event
of a crash it gives way to allow to column to float, then instead of
TIG'n it back together, use that liquid rubber that was out to dip your
pliers in to repair their handles. Put some tape around it once together
as a sort of form and pour some in. And "presto... lightly bonded" back

You can get that stuff from here:

HTH.. Sorry for the confusion.

Scott  '90 V8Q

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On Nov 14, 2006, at 12:12 PM, Scott Phillips wrote:

> Roy,
> I took a look at the pictures and from the looks of it the simplest
> thing to do would be to have it TIG'd back together. You'll want to
> bring all the parts and have the column in the holder while it's being
> done to help minimize any warping should any occur. .
> Why it happened, could be just as simple as a mfg. flaw. Or stress  
> crack
> turned ugly.
> Scott

Ehhh? Tig what back together? There's nothing cracked or broken  
except for the plastic right where it was injected through the holes  
in the mount into the pockets in the column.

Hmm, maybe more pictures are in order. Update to photo album on the way.

Roy Wendell
erwendell at mac.com
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