Alternator dont Charge - red warning lights are on

Kneale Brownson kneale at
Sat Nov 18 14:34:08 EST 2006

More can go wrong with an alternator than the regulator, you know.  I've
had a couple Audi alternators develop bad windings.  Continuous exposure to
wet settings lets the innards rust up and cause shortings between the
windings and the case.

At 01:32 PM 11/18/2006 -0500, SJ wrote:
>Patient is 88 5kq
>Car was working fine on Thursday. Parked it in driveway at 4 PM.
>Started raining like hell at 5 PM.
>Started car at 6 PM. Moved car to end of driveway and about 4 red warning
>lights came on, including the battery light. OK, been here before - broken
>alternator belt. Parked car and took the 100q to appointment.
>Swapped out the Voltage Regulator with a known good one -- same symptoms.

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