86 4kq clutch

David Ullrich david.ullrich at gmail.com
Sun Nov 19 11:22:17 EST 2006

Classic symptoms of a bad master or slave. Replace BOTH at the same time.
Generally the slave becomes "sticky" and puts extra pressure on the master
causing the master to fail internally...no leaks. Fluid just bypasses the
seals. In this case, replacing the master would get it operational, but the
slowly dying slave will cause the new master to fail in relatively short
order (Ive seen the new master fail in 4 weeks). Bite the bullet and do
both. and start the project by SOAKING the slave in a GOOD penetrationg oil
like Kroil every day for a week before even trying to remove. and give it a
few whacks with a BFH to help break free the corrosion that has no doubt
welded the slave to the tranie...the slave is cast iron and the tranie
housing is aluminum. Add in exposure to rain water and road salt and it
welds itself on there quite nicely. lol BTDT!

On 11/19/06, Eric Henning <spiders_2000 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings All,
> My sons 86 4000q clutch pedal has always been "weak"
> (we;ve had the car about 1 yr)meaning the action was
> all at the bottom.  Car shifted and drive well.
> Yesterday the clutch pedal dropped to the floor.  You
> can manually work the pedal but there is no resistance
> what so ever.  no apparent loss of fluid and no
> appaerent leaks (no puddles and reserviour level
> hasn't changed).  borrowed a pressure bleeder from a
> friend and list member.  Flushed fluid was the color
> of graphite.  Bleeding made no difference.
> 2 questions:
> 1) could i tbe clutch master/slave issues?  Plan on
> replacing.  Any tips on doing the slave w/o removing
> the engine or tranny?  how do you get the rollpin out?
> The factory manual and Haynes don't offer much help.
> 2)  As there appears to be no leakage, is there any
> experience with other broke parts that would explain?
> As he was close to home, I went over, but the 4000 in
> gear, started and drove home fine (except for staying
> in one or two gears as I was able to shift by speed
> matching.
> My 81 Porsche 928 had the release bearing break off
> which caused similar problem.  The 928 has a nice
> access plate which makes replacing hte clutch a
> breeeze.
> Any thoughts would be apprciated.
> Erich
> 86 4kq
> Doylestown PA
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