86 4kq clutch

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sun Nov 19 12:59:07 EST 2006

> 1) B)   Any tips on doing the slave w/o removing
> the engine or tranny?  how do you get the rollpin out?

Two parts to the problem - one is getting the roll pin out, the other is 
getting the cylinder free of the tranny housing.

First, the pin.  Awkward, but "simple".  Line up a punch of the right 
size and "extend" it with a few socket extensions (or long steel 
rod...), and carefully tap away at it.  Make sure your punch hits the 
whole pin circumference *and* is small enough to fit in the hole the pin 
is in, or you'll get all jammed up.  This can take two people, one to 
keep punch/extensions in position, and one to tap away with a hammer.

The slave can be tough to free, as another lister mentioned.  If the 
hydraulics still worked (or if the new master is in place?) sometimes 
simply actuating the pedal will force it out, but you may have to use 
patience, raps of hammers (careful!) and lots of penetrant to get it free.

I'd throw in a new master to slave hose, too, since they are both 
getting undone.  Good time to flush brake lines/cylinders as well, get 
all that "graphite" out of the system!

Huw Powell



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