Hydraulic pump cap tool

Ameer Antar antar at comcast.net
Sun Nov 19 19:21:22 EST 2006

Thanks for the tip to everyone who replied. I guess I'll have to change the seals too, even though the pump's only a few months old (bought it from ebay). I had a brake accumulator (bomb) with a bad check valve (one of those rebuilt ones). I'm not sure, but my guess is the leaky valve forced fluid back into the pump, instead of the brake servo, and may have busted the seals. Should I be worried about anything else? 
I'll never buy one of those rebuilt bombs again. There's nothing in there that can be rebuilt if you can't replace the diaphragm. Too bad I didn't realize that before the bomb blew up my new pump! Live and learn I guess...
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The Bentley advises use of what's called a drag link socket. They look
like(http://secure.data-comm.com/rb/detail.bok?no=159848) http://secure.data-comm.com/RB/Detail.bok?no=159848

The blade gets shortened a couple mm on each end and then will fit into the
big X on those mushroom caps.

Tightening probably won't do the trick because a leak usually means the
O-ring seal beneath the cap has become hard with age and no longer has the
resilience required to provide sealing.

I just purchased a bunch of seal kits for these pumps for ~$6 from
(http://www.autohausaz.com/search/product.aspx?sid=5cnpytadmzgpclvqu5caci55&p) http://www.autohausaz.com/search/product.aspx?sid=5cnpytadmzgpclvqu5caci55&p
At 11:52 AM 11/19/2006 -0500, Ameer Antar wrote:
>My pump seems to be leaking pretty bad from those huge X-head caps. I was
>wondering if there was a tool available for it. Any other tool ideas out
>there? Thanks in advance.

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