Hydraulic pump cap tool

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>From: Ameer Antar <antar at comcast.net>
>Subject: Hydraulic pump cap tool
>My pump seems to be leaking pretty bad from those huge X-head caps. I was
wondering if there was a tool available for >it. Any other tool ideas out
there? Thanks in advance.

**** I recently replaced my seals.
Write up is here:

The tool you need is called a "drag-link" tool. Looks like a BIG screwdriver
head on a socket. You need to file down the ends to fit correctly on the

a. Remove the pump from the car. You cant get at the bottom X-caps unless
you remove the pump.
b. I suggest you use a torch to heat up the X-caps before removing them.
This will break the rust grip. Also, clean out the X-cap slots before trying
to remove the caps. Otherwise, you will cam-out the X-caps.
c. Use an air gun to get the X-caps out! If you dont have an air gun, take
the pump and tool to the local garage and pay them a couple of bucks to get
the caps out with an air gun. The hammer operated impact tools will only cam
out the caps. BTDT.

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