brake dragging 5ktq

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> Subject: brake dragging 5ktq
> Gotta check with the wisdom of the list. My 87 5ktq brakes are not fully
> releasing, and at times are dragging significantly....but only on the
> driver side, and not in a predictable pattern.
> rotors and feeling the wheels for heat.  The driver-rear rotor was glowing
> a medium red and the wheel was hot...too hot to touch.

***** Your rear parking brake lever is stuck.
Reason: 1. park brake cables are shot. 2. Rear caliper park brake lever is
frozen because of rust.

Temp fix: you can move the rear caliper lever with a big screwdriver to
release the brake - and dont use the E-brake.

Permanent fix: remove rear calipers and rebuild them. Its a bit tricky
regarding the piston removal and removal of the guts inside the bore and
inside the piston.
I was meaning to write up the procedure with pix and post it on my web site.
Write me off line and I'll prep something up for you. In the meantime, read
what I have already written at

Front calipers sticking
Reason: most likely rust in the piston bore. Or boot is perforated and water
got in and rusted piston.
Fix: take apart, clean, sand down bore inside to remove rust  . .. like 600
grit. Reinstall with new rubber parts. They sell rebuild kits for couple

Do a complete brake fluid flush after redoing all the calipers. Also flush
out the clutch system at the slave cylinder.
Brake fluid is hydroscopic(absorbs water). Over time the water starts
rusting out the lines and brake caliper innards. I bet you are running on
the original brake fluid.

85 Dodge PU, D-250, 318, auto
85 Audi 4k - - sold but still on the road
88 Audi 5kq
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