Fuel Tank Clensing

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POR-15 has a kit for that:
I've never tried it, but I've used a lot of their other products and they definitely live up to their name.
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OK, we've been rallycrossing the 4kq project for a few events now and are
still struggling with some fuel tank issues. In the early stages we removed
and opened up the tank to remove the crudded up filter sock in the tank.
Welded back up great..or so we though. After a heart breaking first event
pump failure due to a clogged fuel filter we have been dilligent on watching
our filter status (clear 3/8 filter between tank and pump) and not running
it if it gets packed up. So after a few events of this we thought we were
good to go. Nope. After 5 runs yesterday (approx. 4 miles) the filter was
yet again full of rustscale and debris (insert frustration here). Besides
swapping over to a fuel cell is there ANY way to clean out the inside of the
tank to remove rust scale? I have searched for a repro fuel tank for the car
and found nothing. Our junk yard may yield a 4cyl 4k tank, but it may be the
same inside.
Im really looking for some tips or ideas on how to get the junk out of the
tank. Thanks in advance.


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