Rust proofing of restoration project. NAC

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Oct 4 00:07:54 EDT 2006

> I am restoring an old Jag and have had the body panels
> dipped to strip the paint and rust. Some of the panels
> are two layer; an outer visible layer and an inner
> layer with channels to stiffen the panel such as in a
> trunk lid, door, or windshield frame.
> Since the inne surfaces are now paint and rust free,
> they have nothing to stop rust from forming. Does
> anyone have any recommendations on how to rust proof
> these inner surfaces?

I presume the place you had them dipped doesn't have any suggestions? 
I'd think they would know.

Anyway, the first thing to come to mind is to have them hot dip 
galvanized.  Not so easy, I'm sure.

One way or another, it would be nice to immerse them in something so all 
the nooks and crannies get filled.

Another option is powder coating, a good gun man should be able to get 
very high coverage, and the finish is very durable.  You could probably 
use a primer that will allow later finishing with appropriate auto 
surface paint.

You can also spray heavy undercoating into the "back" sides.

You could try calling a place that does auto rustproofing (do they still 
exist?  I remember them...) and see what they suggest.  What were they 

Huw Powell

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