Rust proofing of restoration project. NAC

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Hi George;

If you're talking about the exposed inner surfaces, prime and paint them
with auto paint or with a good anti-rust paint like POR-15. If you're
worried about the hidden surfaces inside the channels, they probably weren't
coated at the factory with anything but die lube. You could spray a good
creeping anti-corrosion spray in there; I like Corrosion Free Formula 3000
for this type of application. The only problem with it is that over time it
will creep out onto the exterior surface and can get kind of messy. If you
look at the inside panel surfaces on most cars the paint application is
pretty light and patchy. Audi seems to be better than most in this regard.
Good 'ol North American iron has lots of unpainted spots on interior panel

Fred Munro
'94 S4
'97 S6

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I am restoring an old Jag and have had the body panels
dipped to strip the paint and rust. Some of the panels
are two layer; an outer visible layer and an inner
layer with channels to stiffen the panel such as in a
trunk lid, door, or windshield frame.

Since the inne surfaces are now paint and rust free,
they have nothing to stop rust from forming. Does
anyone have any recommendations on how to rust proof
these inner surfaces?


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