high-output alternators?

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Wed Oct 4 19:59:55 EDT 2006

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> Bosch apparently makes higher-output alternators for many vehicles-
> even Asian cars.  Some are rated as high as 200A(!)  Sounds great,
> right?  Well, except they don't list an applications for various Audi
> models I tried.  I looked for the 200q20v, and a '88 5000 CSTQ
> (figured it was more common.)

This is normal, Brett, because these newer high output alternators are
water-cooled and bolted directly to the engine block, needing a very
wide, flat belt to drive it. 

So even if you can find such a beast for your application, you'll either
have problem with the heat generated or the v-belt drive that will be


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