high-output alternators? - made really long

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Thu Oct 5 00:34:51 EDT 2006

>>> Is 2 gauge sufficient? I thought you'd need 0 gauge at least for 
>>> 130A.
>> I make 2 ga good for 120 amps, very conservative rating.  And
>> you'll never be sending that to the battery, anytime you're up in
>> that range it's going to accessories.
> My sources give 2 AWG wire a 180A rating for "chassis" wiring; the
> assumption is that the wire is installed in free, room temperature 
> air and not as part of a big bundle of other wires, heat dissipation 
> being the issue. Worst case, bundled with several other heavily
> loaded 2 AWG wires, #2 is good for 94A. Clearly, the appropriate
> gauge depends greatly on the given performance criteria and
> environment. There is no 'one size fits all' answer. 120A seems
> conservative for 2 AWG in our situation, just like the man said, in
> terms of whether it burns up or not. But the voltage drop through 2
> AWG could also be a factor to be considered.

You know, I don't even know what gauge my "favorite" battery wires are.
  I got a few once upon a time when the evil empire sold them - big fat
wires with a zillion strands and clear insulation.  Mandatory Audi
Content, I just put one on my Chevy truck.  Parked next to three
Audis...  They might very well be 0 gauge or bigger.

> Then the circuit from the battery to the fuse panel consists of two 6
> mm sq. wires

> So, for example, if the car's total electrical consumption is 50A, we
>  can expect a total voltage drop of about 0.7 volts from the
> alternator to the fuse panel

Yeah, there is a weak link in the type 44.  The type 85 and 89, with
engine compartment-mounted batteries, at least, have a "triangle" of
heavy (6 mm?) wires, battery to alternator to fusebox to battery.  So
whichever way current has to flow, it can.  Then there is a separate
battery to starter wire.  But those are different cars.

On the spliced and diced type 44, an additional alternator to fusebox
wire would make "a lot of sense", so the vehicle circuits don't have to 
compete with the charging circuit for pixie dust.

Huw Powell



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