200 Cold Start Valve / ECU issues

Geraint Lloyd geraintlloyd_qc at yahoo.ca
Fri Oct 6 10:49:00 EDT 2006


Have more issues starting the 200
it is an 89 200 TQA with an MC2 10v

I have a MAC 14 Hitachi ECU which has been chipped,
but by whom and how
is a mystery since it was like that when I bought the
The car also came with a spare ECU that had been
socketed and a (the
original?) standard management chip fitted.

The problem is that the cold start valve does not
I connected a test led across the CSV terminals and it
did not light
the CSV terminal is getting 12V.
If I replace the modified ECU with the Standard one,
the CSV fires.
To my mind, that narrows the fault down a bit!

so is the fault more likely to be in:
a. the modified ECU (not the chip)?
b. the modified chip as a fault or a programming
error/side effect of
making it go faster?

I can try swapping the chips over, but don't want to
attempt to prise
them out of their sockets, if there is no chance that
it could be a
board fault. it would be too easy for me to immobilise
myself, or rather
the wife since it's her car (AND THAT WOULD NOT BE

I read somewhere that some tuners used the CSV for
enrichment, if this
is the case, does giving it that function replace the
cold start
function or can the ECU be programmed to use the CSV
for both?
I have a buddy with a VAGCOM, but he hasn't got the
adaptor kit to plug
in to the 200 yet (it's on order), so i should soon be
able to get him
to reprogram the chip if it's a question of 'ticking a

The car came to canada from arizona last year, so i
guess that the
climatic variations between 'down there' and 'up here'
mean that the CSV
not working, might not have been an issue until
If it is a programming issue, that might explain why
it was set up that way.

the other thing that someone suggested was giving the
CSV an earth via a
push button. I can see that this might work, but what
are the chances of
frying something in the ecu if it gets an earth where
it's not expecting

any advice would be most welcome as it's getting
colder in montreal


Geraint Lloyd 
People's Republic of Canadia
'89 200 TQA MCII
'87 Group N Golf 2 GTI, 8v, RHD
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