Stuck Lug Bolts

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Check out the "Swench" manual impact wrench

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What manufacturer is the 36" breaker bar?  I used to have a 32" or 36"
breaker bar and here's how I lost it:
My plant manager was displaying a cut lip and broken tooth to my mother
as he told us about how his really long breaker bar snapped and hit his
By his own admission, it was made in China.  Anyhow, my mother decided
that one of my favorite tools, my 3/4" super-long breaker bar needed to
disappear.  I laughed, and said it was a major brand, not made in China,
and I'm careful.  Fast-forward a month or two.  Guess what's missing?

I've got a large tool box filled with all kinds of expensive SK, Facom,
torque wrenches, specialty tools, etc.  The ONLY thing mission was my
breaker bar and attached 3/4" to 1/2" adapter.  To this day, she denies
taking it.

Since then, I've been hunting for a replacement.  Snap-On and SK have
24" or 25", but nothing 30+ inches in either 3/4" or 1/2" drive.  Same
with Stanley/Proto, etc.  I swore my old 3/4" was a Proto, but I must be
incorrect.  So any leads would be appreciated.  And I'll buy 3.  One for
my tool box, one for the track, and one for my mother!

Mark Rosenkrantz


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