200 Cold Start Valve / ECU issues

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Fri Oct 6 13:11:50 EDT 2006

> I read somewhere that some tuners used the CSV for enrichment

Only hacks do that.

> the other thing that someone suggested was giving the CSV an earth
> via a push button. I can see that this might work, but what are the
> chances of frying something in the ecu if it gets an earth where it's
> not expecting one?

That is definitely a good work-around if you can't get it working via 
"normal" methods.  A manual choke, basically.

To allay your fear of hurting the ECU... disconnect the CSV from the 
ECU.  The 12 volts is constant, the ECU switches the ground, so make it 
so there is only one ground - your switch.

Huw Powell



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