Just bought a 90Qs 20V with a "few" issues.

Grant Lenahan glenahan at vfemail.net
Sat Oct 7 11:59:22 EDT 2006

I have not owned one of these in a long while, but here are some ideas.

First and foremost, get the bentley manual.

See below

On Oct 7, 2006, at 5:37 AM, Tigran Varosyan wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I just bought a beautiful '91 Audi 90Q. It has every option but came 
> for a
> low price due to a bunch of minor issues.
> I have driven the car bout 50 miles now and I got a list of 
> questions/issues
> that I hope the group can help me with...
> #1 Driver side door lock does not work. I hope that this is the same 
> problem
> as described in this article:
> http://members.aol.com/c1j1miller/body.html#Door%20Lock%20Repair
Could be many things, btu I'd check the air plumbing first. Never had a 
> #2 Engine coolant gauge does not seem to be working - it is always 
> showing
> low. However, at the same time, the car heater is not very hot. The 
> radiator
> and engine get *warm* but not as hot as I would expect. I bought a new
> thermostat - something tells me that the one in there is stuck open...
Senders know to go. But you need to do the usual diagnosis. Its a car.
Use a thermal gun to check to water temp, check thermostat operation, 
> #3 The oil temp gauge is also showing 60c and does not move. I refuse 
> to
> believe this number - must be broken - please instruct how to test/fix.
Senders known problems across the board.  If it does nto move, its 
probably the sender, but it could eb the guage. Check the wiring, 
segment, diagnose. Does it move at all?  They should probably run ~100 
deg (its centigrade)
> #4 Driver side rear window does not roll down. Please advice on common
> causes.
Switch.  Can also be the front (driver's) master switch which the local 
switches daisy-chain through.
> #5 Driver side headlight cracked - please advise a good source for a
> replacement. Are there any improved "euro" or other headlights that I 
> should
> look at getting?
> #6 One of the foglights is also cracked - where should I get it?
> #7 I might need to post a picture of this as it's hard to describe...
> Between the front bumper and the grill there is a molding stripe that 
> is
> held down by two screws located behind the headlight washers. The 
> covers
> that go over these screws are missing - where do I get them?
> #8 I own a pair of Audi 4000's nether of which I have driven much 
> lately. It
> may be that I am just spoiled by my VR4 daily driver (Dynoed at 380hp 
> 420tq
> on the ground), but My Audi 90 is feeling a bit under-powered to me. 
> The
> engine feels and sounds strong, but the power is just not there... I 
> checked
> the air filter... Seemed ok... I have driven a 90 a few years and I 
> remember
> it having quite a bit more power... Any ideas?
It should be much faster than your 4kqs, btu will feel
very anemic compared to today's cars, especially if you drive a monster.
Remember, it was mid 7s to 60. Fast for the day.  Econobox today. And 
they need to rev.
> #9 It seems that by design, the rear diff lock disengages at a certain 
> speed
> around 20mph. This is very annoying! I would like to keep the diff 
> locked
> when playing in the gravel at 60-80mph. How to I override this 
> "feature"?
You dont.
> #10 The E-brake completely does not work. When pulling the handle, I 
> feel no
> resistance. Common possible issues?
Broken cables or mis adjustment.  Its a car! Just like all the others.
> #11 The Oil pressure gauge gets pegged at 5BAR at around 3000RPM. Is 
> this
> normal or is the gauge not working properly? The gauge response also 
> seems
> very slow. I have Greddy gauges in my VR4, which seem to react much 
> more in
> tune with RPM.
Normal unregulated system.
> #12 Again, maybe I am just not used to it, but this motor seems to 
> have an
> issue with running momentum - as if the flywheel is REALLY heavy. When
> hitting the clutch, it takes it quite a long time to rev down. I am 
> used to
> downshifting when getting off a freeway or coming to a red light. In 
> this
> car it does not work so well as the engine tends to want to keep 
> running and
> does not slow the car much for 2-4 seconds... Is this normal?
> #13 The back of the passenger headlight seems to have a hose that 
> leads to
> the header heatshield. Could someone please explain to me what the 
> heck this
> is and what's it for?
> #14 Although they worked on the test drive, my high beams do not work 
> at
> all. When turning them on, the low beams cut out and I have no light.
> Tapping the passing light switch does nothing. I will check fuses and 
> relays
> tomorrow. Any description of where to locate them would be of much 
> help...
Under the dash, drivers side if I recall.
Get the bentley!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

> #15 The driver side front seat has seen better days. What's the 
> solution?
Replace it?
> #16 I already bought the car, but I would not mind having a CarFax for 
> it.
> Does anyone have an account?
you know that violates the license agreement, right?
> Thanks,
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