A new low for team doorhandle!! (Speedo fix)

John Cody Forbes cody at 5000tq.com
Sun Oct 8 21:42:51 EDT 2006

Ok so my speedo has been down for a little while now and it's been driving me batty trying to fix it. I checked the sensor, then followed the procedure in the Bentley which ends with checking continuity between two wires leading into the cluster (backprobing with the connector pluged in). If 0 ohm then bad cluster, otherwise repair break in wiring. I got a high ohm reading, so I went searching for hours with wiring diagrams leaving me with half the dash taken apart to get to the autocheck computer and the 14pin connections in the drivers footwell, but everything checked out fine so I gave up for a few weeks. 

I decided today that it just HAD to be in the cluster, so I pulled the cluster and started tracing the printed circuitry there and found the culprit. This is a good one guys. Drumroll please.....



The effing parking brake warning bulb circuit had a small break in it and the speedo runs a ground through it. A bit of wire soldered between the bulb socket and the corresponding diode fixed me right up. I need to pull the cluster again sometime soon to go after something else, so I'll take pictures of the fix. Once I do that I'll post to the knowladge base.

That beats the license plate bulb ground for the cluster lights in my book.

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