Help from Euro members of Q list

Joel Skousen joel at
Mon Oct 9 16:07:36 EDT 2006

I need help from those on the list who live in Germany, Poland, or the 
UK--anywhere the VW/Audi 5 cylinder DIESEL TDI engine (AEL)was sold.

I have a new (1996 vintage) VW/Audi 2.5 TDI diesel engine (5 
Cylinder --engine type code AEL) and I need some accessories and parts to 
install it in my 88 Audi 5TQ wagon.  It bolts right up to my 88 5TQW tranny 
and the engine mounts fit, but it did not come with any accessory equipment: 
This engine was imported to the US by VW as an "Industrial engine" so I have 
the wiring harness, computer, airbox, and engine, but no alternator, PS 
pump, or A/C Compressor.

I have the accessories but they all have v-belt pulleys.  The bolts for 
accessory mounts match my MC engine, so I'm hoping I can still use the same 
mounts, if not the accessories (with new multi-rib pulleys) The AEL  2.5 TDI 
engine, being more modern, uses a serpentine belt with one or more 
tensioner/rollers, which I do not have.

What I need is one or two of the Euro or UK listers to point me to a used 
parts company near a large city that may be able to take off the necessary 
parts from a junk AEL  2.5 TDI engine.  I'd prefer a parts company in a 
major city where I can fly in from the states and collect the parts.

What I need is:

1) Alternator, PS pump, A/C Compressor (or multi-rib pulleys for the same, 
if they will fit my existing 5TQ accessories), plus associated mounts, if 
different from the 5TQ

2) The appropriate serpentine belt, and tensioners and brackets to connect 
all accessories to the pulley

3) The  first exhaust piece with gasket that bolts up to the 3-both turbo on 
the TDI engine.

Lastly, it would help if I could get a digital email picture of this engine 
with accessories so I could more fully determine if I'm missing anything 


Joel Skousen
3 Type 44 Audi 5TQs. 

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